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For weddings 75 to 200 Guest

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Additional Travel Rates Apply

Additional Travel Rates Apply

Stage comes in 4 X 4 Sections that are linked together. Can be rented with or without lights and sound.

​Stage Rentals Big or Small

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Most Popular Package For Weddings 200 Plus Guest

The Big Show includes 4 speaker cabinets (4 18" 2 21"), 15' truss system, 6 ADJ ComScan LED scanners, 4 bank laser light, 2 ADJ LED 8" spot lights, 3 fixed up lights, ADJ black light bar, 32" flat screen monitor, and 12 additional up lights for around the venue. This system packs a huge punch!  

Additional Travel Rates Apply

​Gold Package

The Little Show is perfect for small venues. It features an 8' light truss/booth system, 4 cabinets (4 10" 2 15")  4 Par LED lights, 4 Chauvet Moving Heads, 2 Truss up lights, 6 up lights for around the venue. 

This System Comes With or Without Lighting


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The Silver Package can be mixed matched to have larger speakers, smaller speakers, lights, no lights etc. 

Platinum Package

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​Most Popular Package

​Silver Package

Perfect For Outdoors, Bars, or Night Clubs

Stage Rental 

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